Join us for our annual Loving Kindness Festival benefiting the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple!  Live music, food, workshops, healing room, children's activities and more! Some workshops will require RSVP due to limited space. RSVP through our sign-up form.  

Location: First United Church of Christ, 30 N Pitt St, Carlisle, PA 17013

Suggested donation for classes $10/class or $20 for day. Donations welcome day of festival. No one will be turned away due to financial hardship. 

2022 Schedule is Currently in the Works. See below for tentative schedule.

Buddha Puja with Bhante Soma 10am

Join Bhante Soma and learn how to perform the sacred act of puja. Puja is a Pali word which means "honour, worship and devotional attention."

Components of puja include Offerings (candles, incense, and flowers), Bowing (as act of humility before a person or before the shrine, and what it represents), Lights, Chanting (connect with the heart and wisdom of Buddha's teachings), and Meditation. Learn how puja in a group setting helps you develop a sense of communion and connection to something "more" and to each other.

Yoga with Tara Knisely Time TBA 10am

Join in the joyful practice of yoga.  This class will use a combination of breath, movement (asana) and rest (savasana) to unite the mind, body and spirit.  Active postures will be accessible to all levels of practice with gentle, flowing transitions mindfully connected to improve flexibility, balance and strength.  Come and experience the grounding and energizing practice of yoga.

Spiritual Pilgrimage with Susan Kiskis 11am

To reach out your arms, heart wide open, ready to live in a state of love and grace, is a path every pilgrim strives for. Life becomes simple. Love is infinite. Without even knowing why we are called to do so, we blindly seek something to connect to. It is that state of yearning that leads us onto a spiritual pilgrimage. 
In this workshop, Susan shares her experience with planned (and unplanned) spiritual pilgrimages, what it means to walk the path of a pilgrim, different pilgrimage sites around the world, and helps you plant the seeds for your own spiritual pilgrimage. 


Susan Kiskis is a non-fiction author, pilgrim, and yoga instructor. She has stood on the Great Wall of China, meditated on the Ganges in India, hiked through jungles in Belize, and learned the meaning of pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. 


An avid student, she is certified in over a dozen forms of healing arts including Ayurveda. Her yoga certifications include 200 RYT Vinyasa Flow, 40 Hour Vinyasa Flow, Prison Yoga, Yin Yoga. She is also a graduate of N.Y.C. Bhakti Yoga Center's Kirtan Connection program, has studied kirtan with kirtan wallah, David Newman.

Susan has spent the past twenty years as a freelance writer. In 2014, her debut memoir, Born Fire Dragon, was released. The story unfolds her challenging childhood, journey into her spiritual path, and finding love along the way.


​Her second book, released Spring 2018, Let Me Carry You Home, chronicles her first trip to India, meeting her guru, and the invitation to love and let go.

Thai Dance Group from New York and Carlisle at 12pm

Community Room

Thai Dance Group from New York and Carlisle will perform a Blessing Dance and Thai Folk Dance.

Yogic Breath with Lena Hershey TBA 12pm

Meditation and Dhamma talk with Bhante Soma 1pm

Information Coming Soon.

Kirtan with The Mas & The Babas 1pm

Community Room

Kirtan is a concert of call-and-response, singing the names of the Divine in the ancient language of Sanskrit.  Kirtan was developed centuries ago in India as a spiritual practice, allowing each man and woman a way to connect with the divine. No singing ability needed-it is your heart coming free, allowing you to be creative, feel inspired and at peace. No need to know Sanskrit! You will be given a song sheet and the repetitive words come pouring with ease. In a group setting, this Bhakti yoga practice brings a deep sense of connection by the time the silence arrives after each bhajan. 

Susan Kiskis is an author, yoga/meditation/ayurveda instructor, and Bhakti yogini. During her first trip to India in 2015, she purchased a harmonium and began to seek out instruction to become a kirtan wallah. She is a graduate of Bhakti Center of NY's Kirtan Connection program, and has studied with a variety of teachers in the U.S. and India. Loving Kindness Festival will be Susan's first public kirtan!

Yoga Nidra with Shambhu Anand Paul Herzer at 2-3:30pm

Do you know you need to relax but have difficulty actually doing so? Maybe you have trouble finding the time, maybe your activities or others intrude, maybe your mind just races. Whatever the reasons, a session of yoga nidra with Shambhu Anand, Paul Herzer E-RYT 500 will help you. No experience is needed, no exertion (other than getting here) is required. Come settle in, put your own well being first, enjoy a session of Amrit Method Nidra and leave feeling like you've had about 4 hours of deep sleep. Dress comfortably, bring a mat if you have one, and get ready for the best use of 90 minutes you could imagine.

From the Ashrams of India, to the Pueblos of Taos, the banks of the Shipra to the Susquehanna, Acharya Shambhu Anand Paul Herzer is a living servant of Yoga in the Pashupati Lakulish Lineage of Swami Sri Kripalvanandaji. After multiple 200 and 500 hour trainings and thousands of hours of teaching spanning over a decade, India invited Shambhu to participate in the International Yoga Conference held during the Kumbh Mela. Holding the ghee lamp for arti, he shines the light of Yoga for the world. Continuously seeking the truth, he knows there is no better time to practice Yoga than now. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Kripalvananda Yoga Institute as historian, working to preserve the teachings of Swami Kripalu in Sumneytown Pa. He is a senior student of the last living Yoga Grand Master, Yogi Amrit Desai and serves as a senior teacher and Emissary Ambassador to the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, FL.

The Essence of Buddhism with Professor/Author Dan Cozort Time TBA

HUB Sideroom 203

Information Coming Soon.

Dan Cozort, President of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple of PA, grew up in North Dakota, where he ran cross-country and track and was a successful debater and extemporaneous speaker.

At Brown University he majored in religious studies, specializing in Christian theology and ethics. At the graduate school of the University of Virginia, he specialized in Buddhism, learned Tibetan and Sanskrit, and began his collaboration with Tibetan lamas. He did a year of fieldwork in India, traveling broadly and staying in Tibetan monasteries. His teaching career began with a two-year appointment at Bates College in Maine. Coming to Dickinson in 1988, he proposed that the College join the South India Term Abroad consortium, which he directed in Madurai, south India, in 1992-93. In 1991 he organized the Festival of Tibet at Dickinson, which included an art exhibit he curated and was the initial occasion in which Tibetan monks constructed a Buddhist sand painting in the Trout Gallery. The monks returned in 1995 to construct another; he collaborated with Prof. Lonna Malmsheimer on a film to document it. In 2000 he began to teach in the Norwich Humanities Programme in England and in 2003-2005 he was its resident director.

He is the author of six books: Highest Yoga tantra, Buddhist Philosophy, Unique Tenets of the Middle Way Consequence School, Sand Mandala of Vajrabhairava, Sadhana of Mahakala, and Enlightenment Through Imagination. He has also written numerous book chapters and articles and a film script. Since 2006, he has been the Editor of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, and he is currently editing the Oxford Handbook of Buddhist Ethics.

Music with Daniel Flately 1-1:45pm

Music Stage

I am Daniel Patrick Flatley...as I write this bio the name of God is kissing my ears...I love music and have always made space and time to continue to love and share music. My love for music has spanned from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Rick James and Johnny Cash and everything in between. I've been a singer songwriter of original music as well as covers from all over the spectrum.  It seems though that in the last 15 years or so, I've had a growing intense and passionate love affair with the Naam (the name of God); listening to it, singing it alone and with others, writing it; saying it. It's my eternal everlasting obsession. Ram Ram Ram 

Dances of Peace with Brent Binder TBA

Social Hall West

PEACE DANCES! Come pray, sing and dance! ALL WELCOME. No Experience needed. Just an open heart and desire to make peace (despite our imperfections) with each breath.

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